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Hey there!

I’m Radha, and thanks for visiting around here (:
I’m a 16 year old Indo-Canadian animal rights activist, young entrepreneur, and philanthropist. My hobbies would include reading, meditating, singing, traveling, photography and imagining things (if it counts).

I’ve been Homeschooled since I was in Grade 5 and have been enjoying it since, thanks to my parents! I’ve taken quite a few online courses from various universities/institutions. I am a multi-lingual and speak about 4 languages. I love traveling and have visited about 11 countries so far; it’s amazing learning about new cultures and traditions. I have a little hold of computers and gadgets and get a kick out of learning and discovering new softwares to work with. I work on web designing and developing Android apps.

Good food and good music is what keeps me on!

I love meeting new people and sharing common interests and ideas. So if you are looking to connect with me, don’t hesitate to get in touch! You can contact me through the ‘contact me‘ page on my website or drop me an email at radha@radhamathur.com .

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