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Why Save Trees?

Have you ever seen a tree that is cut, is falling down, that has tree poxes? How did you feel? Our human tendency is helping the needy. So, let the tendency work.

Trees will give us is the absorption of pollutants and contaminants out of the air. This means a cleaner environment that will result in a health benefit. The beauty of trees can never be debated. Between buildings as well as on their own trees can improve the look of the world around us.

Trees protect the environment against soil erosion, siltation and flooding. Soil erosion causes us to lose valuable agricultural soil to our dams and the sea. Siltation is when soil ends up in our Rivers and dams. This has an impact on flow rate of the river making it easier to flood as well as reduce the capacity of the dams. As water moves quicker over terrain devoid of Vegetation Rivers tend to flood easier and more severely. So saving and planting trees reduces the flow and therefore the thread of flooding.

Trees or plants also have life in them, they give us food, paper, shelter and much more. But why can’t we help them? We should help them because they aren’t able to help themselves. That creature can’t talk or walk, but we can, so we should help them as much as possible. For example, when you see a tree’s stem cut, tree is falling on a side, help them, and also try to use eco-friendly paper and other materials. Don’t harm the environment; it depends on you as much as you depend on it. Without plants you can’t live as well as they can’t live without you. Take part in the S.T.C. act.

Talking about the benefits:

The first thing we want to talk about are, the benefits:

  1. Trees clean the air
  2. Trees give us oxygen
  3. Trees improve water quality
  4. Trees save energyTrees cool the air naturally in two ways: through water evaporating from the leaves and direct shade.
  5. Trees raise real estate value Shaded neighborhoods and well-landscaped yards have a positive economic influence on real estate values
  6. Trees are good for business A series of studies has investigated associations between the urban forest and people’s response to shopping settings. Scientific results suggest that having trees in the business district streetscape is an important investment for a business community.

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